I spend an inordinate amount of time reading and commenting on stories gathered on the website Patheos. I bounce from the Evangelical Channel to the Atheist Channel. Both of these attract strident authors and comments, not unlike the far-right and far-left political adherents. The Progressive Christian Channel and Spiritual Channel invite the middle-of-the-road reader who… Read More Apatheism

Parasitic Pods

Stuck to the wall of urban buildings, these ‘parasitic pods’ are only a dream of the inventor at the moment.   One might suspect that they are greenhouses, which would not only be a good guess but a practical use of unused exterior wall space. Here is a close-up: The inventor, James Furzer — an architectural… Read More Parasitic Pods

The Survey Says…

…we are an ignorant lot! Yet, we already knew that, didn’t we. We Americans brag so easily, so often. However our communal brightness is nothing to brag about. Business Insider published a series of facts about us gleaned from surveys. The results ain’t pretty! Here is one set.   Fifty-four percent are confident about a supreme… Read More The Survey Says…

Oh, the Irony!

My wife and I have a plethora of friends and, as such, a wide variety of faith expressions. On my wife’s Facebook page this Sunday morning was a post from a very Christian friend- Eastern Orthodox . An expression of this faith is iconography and, as a result, we often find photos of Medieval art,… Read More Oh, the Irony!