Studebaker, Edsel, Muslim, Christian

I came across a post on the religious website, Patheos, from a Christian blogger who was defending Christianophobia over Islamophobia. Right, huh? “My dad can beat up your dad!” Schoolyard braggery. Tiring. Here’s my take on this:

The difficulty with establishing some basic credibility of any of the Abrahamic Faiths is that they were founded upon a belief in a tribal deity, YHWH, rather than upon the Creator of the Universe. YHWH, with all of his human-infused emotions and petty alliance to a singular nomadic tribe of the Levant, is such a pitiful stand-in for the Creator of the Universe that religions based upon him are similarly faux and meaningless. 

Thus the contrived dust up over the ‘phobias.’ It reminds me of a debate between owners of a Studebaker and an Edsel. Oh, not that simplistic, for sure, because each camp of the Phobic Wars has hundreds of millions of potential warriors marching as to war, weaponry amassed, overflowing with Righteous. 

Deep into the 2nd decade of the 21st century our world is a tinderbox due to competing religious ideologies- each of which founded upon a tribal god discovered by a nomadic tribe trekking through the dusty hills of the Levant nearly 3,000 years ago. It numbs the brain.