Send the Clowns to DC

Clowns are a curious lot as are the current members of Congress.  It has become increasingly clear to me that our current form of government, which has served us fairly well for over 230 years, is now defunct. It is in permanent paralysis and likely to remain so for years to come.  It’s all about personal and partisan political game-playing rather than serving the welfare of The People.

More and more Americans are understanding this fact yet what can we, the people do?  Very little directly, yet there is another way to both vent our anger and perhaps bring about change- clowns.

Yes clowns!

I propose a National Clown Day all across the nation, perhaps on the fourth of July. Those who could travel to DC could ring the House and Senate with clowns.  At home, rather than waving flags and blowing off fireworks, we all should dress up as our favorite clown, get into the local parades and carry a sign such as  CLOWNS in CONGRESS!

It might be fun!