Fundamentalist Idiocy Again, Again

Did I mention the idiocy of fundamentalist Christians yet?  Or do I repeat myself?  What they say makes great fodder as well as fertilizer.

It’s about the recent election of former S.C. Governor Sanford to Congress. A local radio personality [religious FM station] wrote an op ed on a local religious blog site in which he condemned his election because of his ‘personal moral failing,’ although he was forgiven by  a ‘God of grace and second chances.’ He chastised the voters in that congressional district for ‘not caring care about the ethics and character of our elected officials any longer.’

Of course his ‘sin’ was the same as that of Bill Clinton [and a long list of other,unnamed politicians]. Bedroom stuff, as usual. My, my those fundies are surely obsessed with sex!

By the way, the author, who is also a pastor, skewered the Affordable Health Care Act in his rant on ‘immoral behavior’ of politicians. What? Well, yes because, after all, the pastor is a Republican.  Not only a Republican but I suspect at Tea Party Republican due to the many uses of the word ‘freedom’ in his screed.  Hence the diss on President Obama’s health care legislation.He mentioned the 15,000 pages of legislation in the act to reinforce another point: the more external restraints we need on our behavior, the less free we will be.

Go figure, this from a fundamentalist pastor. Restraints he said. As if fundamentalists aren’t into the ‘restraining’ business.

Well, I thought you might like to keep up with the latest fundy idiocy which is spreading rapidly like a malignant cancer across the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.


Educating Christian fundamentalists simply doesn’t work. They do not accept any education that is in direct conflict with their worldview. What remains is to educate the rest of the American populace about Christian fundamentalism and dominionism, educating the American populace about the David Bartons of the world, so that when elections occur, an educated populace can reject the infiltration of fundamentalism on the rest of American society, which will, given the right opportunity (usually in a climate of fear like 9/11), erode American democracy entirely and push our nation into the fringes of the world into irrelevance.

– Dakota O’Leary, freethinker,  scholar of theology and literature


8 thoughts on “Fundamentalist Idiocy Again, Again

  1. I’m here because I have heard the broken record complaint that Barack Obama is a Muslim. The reality challenged right has become a real broken record of repeated noise which no one has turned off (not just on the religious nonsense, but other non-scandals).

    I wish more people would be like myself and run from any politician who brings up religion to dodge serious issues>

    It would be nice if the reality challenged behaviour conditions others to the same level of disgust when the topic of religion intrudes in US politics.

  2. “Educating Christian fundamentalists simply doesn’t work.”

    Ummm, is that what I have been saying repeatedly? They have belief,
    faith, and nothing will change them for the most part. The key is what is
    their percentage of the elctorate? 15-20-25-30%
    Oh, M_R, in between srestling with continuing family situations and moving to my new place, I have been thinking> Yep, here I go again, LOL. I have an interesting political idea. Gneneral North may hav to saddle up again on his great steed and rescue the country…..

    1. …my steed is in the pasture but can be saddled-up at a moment’s notice.
      Give me a clue about the focal point, my friend. Regarding the personal housing issue, clue me in.

  3. Well it’s good to hear that your steed can be at the ready. As you know
    since October I have been fairly active in our county Democratic Party.
    It’s a good group, at least it is active in that we hold regular meetings and
    do a lot of reaching out to possible new members. After all, this is
    Mississippi and the bible belt, so the word Democrat is a dirty word, lol.
    So, these are fairly progressive people, not a blue dog Democrat.
    In any event at the last meeting in early May discussion was about supporting candidates in the various primaries. We are in the run
    offs now, and no one in our county is in a run off. So the chairman though
    we should send our fiscal support to candidates all over the State. I
    objected. I said we should be thinking locally and especially at our right
    wing congressman for 2014. Chairman and others said that’s not
    democracy, as I am looking at solving the issues from top down, instead on
    the State level and working from the bottom up.

    Inbetween working on a family incompatibility issue, I again thought about
    whether it makes sense to look at change from within this Party or in
    another group. Moreover, what could be the vehicle. The vehicle is
    like the new hybird automobile concept. It would be fundamentally local, but national in results. And, it’s not about electoral process, but more
    about getting legislation passed.

    I must also credit JOB’s posting on unionism as a motivation to look at
    something different. The decline in unionism has lett progressivism
    without a pressure group to influence Congress. The Right has all the
    influence with the Chamber of Commerce, Business Round Table, National Association of Manufactures, National Independant Business Association,
    etc. The Center and the left have no cohesive organization like the Right.
    There are small groupps like the Sierra Club which lobby on basically one
    issue but nothing as comprehensive as the old labor unions did. There needs to be successor to labor unions if “We the People” ever hope to
    relaim our government.At the present time there is no contravailing entity on the Center Left to curtail the power that the above organizations have
    over Congress.

  4. Your POST on “Clowns”, M_R, is right on:

    “Clowns are a curious lot as are the current members of Congress. It has become increasingly clear to me that our current form of government, which has served us fairly well for over 230 years, is now defunct. It is in permanent paralysis and likely to remain so for years to come. It’s all about personal and partisan political game-playing rather than serving the welfare of The People.

    More and more Americans are understanding this fact yet what can we, the people do?”

    Yes, what is to be done? We are on the same page and verse as to the
    problem, i.e,, getting legislation passed to benefit the 99%. That is what
    I have been working on intermentally for the past couple of weeks. I hope
    to present something more specific in a few days, as I get settled. Given
    the facts of our broken Constitutional governing system, we have to deal
    within that system. The 1% has! If they can do it, so can the 99%, if
    they have a “vehicle” to fit the times…….

    1. …and if they have a VOICE in government. And that VOICE has to be the president. I told my wife this AM that he better get off his duff, throw off Mr. Nice Guy, and use his BULLY PULPIT to challenge and chastise the Tea Party-held GOP for not working on the economy and specifically jobs.

      Remember those photo-ops of him standing under bridges during the campaign season, pointing out how badly our infrastructure is? Not a peep since!

      Just imagine how many millions of JOBS could be [almost instantly] filled with infrastructure programs. And, as I said a year ago, they would not all be ‘construction’ jobs. These projects could enlist hundreds of thousands of ancillary jobs such as food service, traffic control and logistic needs.

      If he thinks about his legacy, Obama might not want to rest on Health Care because in the long run, it did not meet the test of Presidential Noteworthiness. Helping with employment and helping to slice the economic pie more justly would be considered much more important legacy-markers.

  5. Ahso, brother! What’s taken so long?

    Speaking of creating jobs, the tornado in Moore, OK will do that. Oh, silly
    me that can’t happen, can it? I mean the two U.S. Senators from OK, and
    it gags me to say their names, Imhofe and Coburn said at the time of
    the Sandy Hook Hurricane that the Federal Government should not pay for these national disasters on the East Coast, and both voted against funding
    Sandy Hook and of providing FEMA the necessary budget requirements to
    meet other emergencies. Guess who have their hands out saying “gimmee, gimmee” today?

  6. It was Christian fundamentalism which gave biblical reasoning for racial segregation. Remember the Lords punishment to humans for the hubris of building the Tower of Babel?

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