Christmas in March

I read a post today on the Patheos website which referenced a Wall Street Journal article titled, ‘The Year Christmas Died,’ a eulogy regarding buying madness v. the birth of Jesus. The author referenced the merchandising of New York City stores, New York’s Fifth Avenue is a celebration of pretty much nothing—or worse.

The minister who wrote the Patheos article used the  phrase, the “de-sanctification” of Christmas.’ This has been an enduring theme ever since I was a boy. I recall the line, Keep Christ in Christmas, touted every December. The term, Xmas, was regarded as a communist plot back in the McCarthy 50’s.

Most everyone understands that the birth of Jesus was not on 25 December. Rather, early Christians planted it there because the ‘pagans’ were celebrating the winter solstice at this time. Apparently here in the 21st century, the ‘pagans’ have succeeded in stealingthe solstice back from the Christians. I suggest that Christians pick another day to celebrate the birth of Jesus. How about mid-March when not much else is going on?

What would a Christmas in March be like? Clearly it would be purely religious in substance dotted with manger scenes, songs and church services without the ‘distractions’ of commercialization. No Santa, reindeer, jingling bells, chestnuts or Grinch. Purely religious.

How would that play out? Hmm.