Religion and Terrorism

than dismissing
‘religion’ as a factor in terrorism, we ought to examine the role it has played in the diminution of the human race over the millennia. Let me be clear, however, that not all religions are at fault. Native, aboriginal religions, for example, seldom fall into the terror category because they mind their own business, so to speak.
Christianity and Islam, on the other hand, believe that theirs is the one, true faith and that theirs is the only way to live (and die). even worse, they believe that they alone have the keys to Heaven. Every non-believer will be shut out and will suffer for ‘eternity’ in Hell.
Oh, the imagination of the human mind! Who thought this stuff up? Were they chewing magical mushrooms at the time? 
Yes, I’m referring to the authors of the Abrahamic religion(s). Why do we give these men an automatic pass? Why are we to ‘believe’ the stuff they concocted 2900 years ago? What is their expertise? How were these scribes inspired to write such things? 
Oh, we all know the backstory- something about God guiding their hand, flooding their mind. Delusional thoughts have plagued humanity since we learned how to walk upright. 
Even more frightening is the fact that the Deity who whispered in the ears of the scribes was a local, tribal god. YHWH. This deity apparently loved and protected a singular tribe in the Levant. This deity ordered and ‘blessed’ ethnic cleansing of the ‘enemies’ of the ‘chosen’ tribe. 
Clearly these scribes were not inspired by the Creator of the Universe. Rather, by a local, insignificant tribal deity with parochial views, insular directives. As a result, how valid are these writings? How meaningful are they to 21st century Americans? Why do we who live on this American soil some 3000 years later hold on to and validate such scribblings? 
Returning to the “Heaven” theme, these wandering authors thought Heaven was just above the clouds within the dome of the stars- a short hot air balloon ride away. How absurd. How ignorant. And yet there are billions of Muslims and Christians who actually ‘believe’ this stuff. It is no wonder why these religions despise science so thoroughly. 
ISIS and End Time Christians can’t wait, literally can’t wait for Armageddon to begin. Seriously. They long for the Tribulation. ISIS wants to speed up the wait time and has begun the fomentation process. End Time/Dominionist Christians are equally gitty with the prospect of the Second Coming during their lifetime. They ‘know’ for sure that they and a select chosen club who think as they will be on the Jesus Spaceship II, destination Heaven.
Why? For the Bible tells me so.
Pathetic. Dangerous. Insane.