Sunni or Shia? It Could be Deadly!

What kind of Muslim one is might be fatal. Reminds me of those ugly days of European history during which Christians slaughtered one another because of the type of Christianity one professed.

Currently the ISIS idiocy has risen to the surface; flotsam always does. As adherents to Sunni Islam, those adolescent, weapon-carrying ISIS gang members often confront other Muslims and, when they do, they interrogate them to determine whether they belong to the ‘true’ faith. One might laugh at this stupidity, but the wrong answer could be deadly.

“What is your name?” could end one’s life. Names like Hussein or Hassan and Abbas easily identify with Shia Islam. “Where do you live?” might be deadly as there are specific Sunni and Shia communities. Lastly, how one prays might reveal an ‘infidel.’ For example, Sunnis generally fold their hands or cross their arms in front of their stomachs and Shias leave them extended, palms resting on their thighs.

Praying incorrectly could end one’s life! Clearly this is idiocy of the highest degree, yet when dealing with religious fundamentalists, little makes sense.