The Adolescent that is ISIS/DAESH

Men stuck in adolescence, with guns; there’s a recipe for idiocy. ‘Young punks’ we used to call them and I may have been designated as such in my teen years. Fortunately for me (and for my family and acquaintances) I grew out of that ugly time of life.

Most men do, thankfully. Sadly, though, some boys remain emotionally adolescent all throughout their lives. ISIS members clearly fall into that latter category. Bad-ass boys with automatic weapons and bombs. Boys who hide their faces. Like bank robbers.

ISIS boys who gun down defenseless people in cafes and theaters. Oh-so macho, oh-such adolescent boys. Boys pretending to be ‘real’ men.

Punks. Street gangbangers. Cowards.

ISIS/DAESH represents the epitome of the marriage of religious fundamentalism and testosterone-laden adolescent bodies. Of course, that sick combination is already layed out in the pages of our history books- as “good guys” fighting “evil guys.” The good and evil denotations chosen by the authors.

Swords and horses today replaced by automatic weapons and 4-wheel drive Toyotas.

The underlay is religious fundamentalism, the belief in the End Times when Divine justice will be meted out such that only the True Believers will be swept up and transported to Paradise. ISIS/DAESH ‘believe’ this- as do most thoroughly brainwashed fundamentalists around the world. However ISIS/DAESH want to speed up the process and force these End Times in their own lifetime. Like all adolescent boys, they cannot wait.

To the agnostic, atheist and humanist it all sounds like the usual religious bunk. Yet to these heavily armed, bearded and masked Islamic extremists it is real; it is THEIR Crusad, their religious idiocy and, like the Christian Crusades, people will be slaughtered like cattle in the process.

Mind-numbing grandiose beliefs, so typical of the adolescent male, are on display For the entire civilized world to watch. The 21st century barbarians are outside the gates- the gates of civilization.