Oh, Politics, Why Such Foolishness?

I’ve been away from this blog for some months, cleaning and sorting my mind. Clutter tends to accumulate there. Perhaps it’s all clutter 24/7. Clearly the world of politics, local, national and geopolitical add to the brain debris   

What a mess. We humans who put our species on the top rung of the animal kingdom are incoherent at best, bipolar at worst. The masses suffer as always. Do we humans really believe that that the political leaders who emerge from among us are any better than the group as a whole? Oh, there have been a precious few throughout history, but sadly they are the exception rather than the standard.

Our history books are replete with the stories of leaders who arose from the masses who ultimately failed to lead The People to the so-called Promised Land. Rather, many led them into ruination. 

Perhaps humans cannot be led at all. After all, we aren’t sheep or lemmings. Or, maybe we do not wish to be led at all. Do 21st century Americans want or feel the need to be ‘led’ by one of our peers? Led to what, where and why? Is there a genuine desire for governance in an affluent culture- especially in a culture that is so thoroughly interconnected electronically? 

Would future generations look back at us and scoff because we relied on the integrity and knowledge of one or two people to ‘guide’ us through a small sector of time? Have we not enough history to read to know that a leader has most often failed to serve The People?

Yet the question must be raised: Who will lead? Better yet, we might ask: Do we need a leader? Or is the answer to leadership no longer vested in a singular human, but within the masses themselves through the power of the streaming electron?