Parasitic Pods

Stuck to the wall of urban buildings, these ‘parasitic pods’ are only a dream of the inventor at the moment.


One might suspect that they are greenhouses, which would not only be a good guess but a practical use of unused exterior wall space. Here is a close-up:


The inventor, James Furzer — an architectural technician studying his craft at the University of Greenwich – designed these pods for the homeless. Yes, the homeless. What a great idea. Yet, I’d imagine that not everyone is happy with this plan. Naysayers will quickly point out all of the reasons why ‘those people’ ought not have these pods.

Yet, Furzer noted that many large urban centers have chosen to place spikes on places where the homeless might find a sleeping place. His pods are a humane solution to those who have no housing.

Congratulations, Mr. Furzer, for caring for ‘the least of our brethren.

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