Oh, the Irony!

My wife and I have a plethora of friends and, as such, a wide variety of faith expressions. On my wife’s Facebook page this Sunday morning was a post from a very Christian friend- Eastern Orthodox . An expression of this faith is iconography and, as a result, we often find photos of Medieval art, mostly embossed with gold.

Yet today day was an exception. In the place of an icon of a long-dead saint outlined in 14k gold, there was an article on the fleecing of gold all wrapped up in Jesus. I know, it sounds bizarre but here it is.


Yes, the proverbial Ticket to Heaven scheme although, this time, not preached from a church pulpit. Behind the KFC Jesus gave him the golden tickets. Reminds me of Marouni in upper New York State. Or any of the many references to guildedolden objects from the Bible.

Less than 100 bucks! No prayers or good works needed! Step right up! Or, rather, fall on your knees, sinner!

Oh well, as P.T. Barnum quipped, “There’s a sucker born every day!”

As you may have already guessed, the story was fake- an April Fool’s joke. Nonetheless, the concept of a ‘ticket to Heaven’ rings true in many fundamentalist congregations. In fact, I was chided by such a person just today because I had used that ticket concept in a comment on a religious blog. Here is his part of his comment to me:

“As far as Christians are concerned Christ’s death not only was the best thing he did in his life but only thing that matters. It was for the purpose of dying that Christ came into the world in the first place. The sacrificial “Lamb of God” without spot or blemish.”

Yes, he actually wrote that. Sigh.