Bigotry Carefully Taught in Church?

The other day I posted a comment on a blog which discussed the recent SCOTUS decision on Marriage Equality. It was an excellent article as many have been on that subject of late. Here is part of my comment: 

My 15-year-old grandson was visiting me today when the SCOTUS announcement regarding Gay Marriage was announced. He can’t imagine anything less. He often asks why his Great-uncle is prejudiced in so many circumstances. It confuses him.

Although he never attends church and barely knows who Jesus is, he mimics Jesus in so many ways. I am very proud of him- so much so that I have much faith in the future of our nation.

 To this a rebuke was written by an oh-so righteous fellow who suggested that, if my grandson had been churched then he may have thought differently.

Really? And what did this mean? Was the commenter suggesting that my grandson would have learned prejudice at church and, as a matter of fact, he should learn it there? 

When I challenged this man on that very concept he replied, “So, you think Jesus supports sodomy?”


Sadly, the man is clearly a homophobe and uses Jesus to justify his bigotry. I know that all churches aren’t teaching bigotry, yet from other comments I’ve read from ‘Christians’ I am not sure at all. 


One thought on “Bigotry Carefully Taught in Church?

  1. “…I have much faith in the future of our nation…” Today is the 4th so that makes a great patriotic statement…..However, I don’t share your optimism. It seems to me that your “faith” is misplaced. The Viet Nam War continues to wreck its havoc on the country

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