The President Sings Amazing Grace

What a man! President Obama sang without accompaniment Amazing Grace at the funeral of Senator/Reverend Clementa Pinckney, assassinated by a racist 21-year-old white man in Rev. Pinckney’s church. The murderer also killed 8 others during their Bible study in the church basement.

The President gave the eulogy at the service and emphasized the word grace throughout his talk. Grace. One letter separates grace from the word race. Race- the reason for the murders. Yet those in the church during the funeral service emphasized grace rather than race.



2 thoughts on “The President Sings Amazing Grace

  1. Amazing eulogy. Amazing his pause and then breaking into song.
    I was proud of Obama as our president today.
    Too little attention though has been given the multiple arson fires of black churches in No. Carolina and Georgia, or the racist man who threatened to kill worshippers in a black church in Virginia — including using similar racist slurs to the congregants inside the church.

    I did not catch in Obama’s eulogy a reference to same sex marriage — Rev. Pinckney was a supporter of gay marriage. What a shame he did not live to see it become a full reality on the day of his funeral.

    1. Really, Dog Gone? Let me say that the President is good at making a speech. The problem, however, is his follow through…He has made us less free than we were in January 2009….

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