Amplifying pugnacity, stupidity and rage.

One of my favorite, bookmarked authors on Pathos is Hank Fox who calls his blog, Citizen of Earth. Nice title. Hank is described by the title of his book “Red Neck Blue Collar Atheist: Simple Thoughts About Reason, Gods & Faith.”

 The title of my post is from the last sentence of his most recent post. He decries Internet ‘learning.’ You know, as in, “It’s true, I seen it on the Internet.” He uses the analogy of the importance of vaccinated kids in school with an educated citizenry, he says, Just so, the more people in a group who are educated and thoughtful and rational — the more who learn to THINK — the greater the herd immunity against stupidity.

Herd immunity against stupidity! There you go. Herd immunity. Great and long-standing tradition. You may know of a cultural tradition among some ‘primitive’ tribes which, at the birth of a new infant, each adult member of the tribe wets their finger with saliva and places it in the mouth of the baby. Herd immunity. I’m betting that the tribe elders never knew the science behind the act, yet it somehow protected the tribe from outside diseases. 

On the other hand, there is a movement underway here in the U.S. To not vaccinate children. Go figure! Even more scary is the movement to not send children to school. Home schooling they call it. It is very popular in the fundamentalist Christian movement. The Duggars. Ugh!

Why home schooling? I suppose there are several reasons but at the top of the list is science and religion. You know: the godless public school curriculum that includes the teaching of non-biblical science. Is there biblical science?  Sure- Genesis, in all of its intricate elegance. As a result, there are millions of children in our nation who are scientifically illiterate and who, quite possibly, will produce yet another generation of scientifically illiterate children. 

The month of May was the wettest May in the U.S. since the Weather Bureau has kept records. Yet California remains bone dry with water-use restrictions in effect throughout the state. It was also the warmest month in the history of the entire world. Both the Greenland and Antarctic glaciers are rapidly melting. Sea level is rising. 

Yet, climate change is a myth. Just ask the home-schoolers. Or the GOP presidential candidates and the voting base of the Republican Party. Or the Koch brothers. Or the Fossil Fuel industry.

“I seen it on the Internet.”

Worse yet, “I seen it on Fox News!”

Hank Fox


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  1. I never watch South Park. I guess I should for in today’s Blade Paul Krugman reflects on South Park vocab word – Derp . A derp is a person who keeps saying the same thing no matter how much evidence accumulates that it’s completely wrong. GOP philosophy… Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2015 13:56:13 +0000 To:

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