To my dear friend……

As I settled down with a cold beer and a lot of time I decided to check in on my favorite blogs. I too have not been in the blogosphere lately. I come here, only to read the news from our friend Laci.

I first met Patrick here the same time I met the likes of Mudrake, Laci, EOK, and others. Needless to say, we didn’t all hit it off tremendously, LOLOL. Maybe it was the company that I kept on my blog. Maybe it was because I came off as a brash, young punk. But Patrick reached out to me via e-mail. We had numerous conversations through that medium that I will always cherish. After learning a little about his younger life, I think it was that brash, young, punkish behavior that drew us together. LOLOLOL

As it turns out, Patrick and I had a lot in common. We loved the same music. I introduced him to some new stuff, and boy did he introduce me to some new artists. We had exercise in common. I helped with some weightlifting issues, and he helped me with cardio issues. There were a lot of times I hated him for that, LOLOLOL. But I am a healthier young man today, because of Patrick. And we definitely shared the same love for third party politics. I have always thought it was the only way to change our political landscape, Patrick agreed and even endorsed it on his blog.

But the true magic that Patrick held, was his ability to really put your beliefs to the test. He made you question everything. He even argued the benefits of nationalized healthcare on my blog. He did that as a favor to me. And he preached to an audience of ultra conservatives. I warned him beforehand of the Conservatives that followed my blog, and the shit that he would most likely get. But he didn’t care. I think in the end Patrick was one of those men that felt, if he could change just one life, open just one mind, it was worth it…… And that he did! Patrick made me a more tolerant man. He made me a more understanding man. He helped make me a better Father and Husband. He truly made me a better person.

I will forever be grateful to have met and talked to him. even if on a computer. The one regret I will always have is that I never got to shake his hand and give him a hug. The logistics were never there. Patrick knew that one of my bucket list wishes was to go to the Wacken music festival in Germany. He always said, “If you ever make it there, we will fiqure out a way to meet”. Well Patrick, this will be the year, and I will drink a beer in toast to you. Most likely when Sepultura starts their set….. This song is dedicated to you

Rest peacefully my dear friend….You will forever live in my heart, and soul….

Your friend, Jon O’Brien


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  1. JOB, Patrick would have been very proud in a humble way for this tribute to him. Thank you for taking the time to write it. Love the music selection!

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