We are Not the Happiest People

The U.S. Often brags, “We’re number one!” But in happiness, we’re number 15. So says the ‘happiness index” of the United Nations. (can you just hear some old fart grumble about the UN as he watches this story on Fox!)

The U.N. happiness report, published every year since 2012, shows that happiness and well-being are critical indicators of a country’s economic and social development, according to a statement from the SDSN. What’s more, the 2015 report, released Thursday (April 23), serves as a guide and reminder that world leaders should consider the happiness of their citizens whenever they make policy decisions, the U.N. statement said.
Not surprisingly, nations in the EU topped the list. The Swiss were #1. “The aspiration of society is the flourishing of its members,” said a member of the panel. How “flourishing’ is the U.S.? 


Most of the differences in happiness among countries could be explained by six factors: levels of gross domestic product (GDP), life expectancy, generosity, social support, freedom and level of corruption, the researchers found.

Seven of the top 10 are from Europe where health care is universal. Where education is free or low-cost even to university. Where social benefits are generous. Sadly,  we in the U.S. bitch about taxes (or are led to such complaints by big-money interests) and, as a result, we lack this social safety net- the one enjoyed as routine elsewhere above us.

As long as the paid propagandists continue to misinform the masses, and as long as our citizens refuse to enlighten themselves about the issues, we will remain out of the top 10. As a result, we all suffer together.