I hope I am wrong, but

it appears that Microdot is no longer with us on this mortal plane.  I haven’t been in the blogosphere much lately, but I have been on facebook.Patrick Howe

I knew he had been seriously ill, but I didn’t know about his passing until a post landed on my newsfeed this morning.  From what I gather, he died on the 18th.  He would have been 65 on the 25th.

I have to admit a lot of shock about this since I thought he was pretty healthy.  As I said, I knew he had been seriously ill earlier this year.

But, it’s really shocking to find out about someone’s passing from facebook post.

RIP Microdot (AKA Patrick Howe).

P.S. Forgive the blogpost, but I was in a bit of a shock even though I knew he has suffered a serious illness in March.  I thought he had gotten over it, but I was wrong.

It sucks to get this sort of information through a facebook newsfeed.


3 thoughts on “I hope I am wrong, but

  1. He was a very creative, clever guy. His passing is a very real loss. Thanks for the update on him.

  2. The day I returned to check on the posts and comments, I learn of the passing of our fellow traveler. I so enjoyed his posts and comments and the ensuing banter, lol. I liked to rib him about his adopted France and how we in Toledo shared his similar repressive Catholic schooling in Detroit. Yes, time marches on……..

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