Paris mayor: We intend to sue Fox News

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo told CNN Tuesday she intends to sue Fox News in the wake of the channel’s coverage of supposed “no-go zones” for non-Muslims. Hidalgo said the channel had “insulted” her city.

Hidalgo’s remarks came after a series of Fox segments suggested there are parts of Paris and other European cities where Islamic law is practiced and where police are fearful to work. The segments were widely mocked and challenged as inaccurate, particularly by French media outlets.

Some critics have accused the network of using the controversial “no-go zones” idea to perpetuate a fearful narrative about Muslims, particularly in the days since terror attacks in Paris.

“Fox & Friends,” for example, displayed an apparent map of the “no-go zones” in and around Paris. On another show, a guest who was identified as a security expert claimed that Birmingham, England is a “totally Muslim city where non-Muslims don’t go in.”


4 thoughts on “Paris mayor: We intend to sue Fox News

  1. Fox News- what a joke! I watched the rerun of the now infamous interview with one of Fox’s supposed “experts.” What a hoot. He had been to Iraq and Afghanistan and that made him an ‘expert’ on all things Muslim.

    The sad part of this scenario is that the old white men who absorb this crap 24/7 want (need) to hear this crap just so they can get through their day. It is not unlike a drug fix for these sad characters!

  2. Fox is viewed in France via cable and satellite. When they report on France, they are bound by French law. We have a government agency that monitors ethics in media. This is not to be confused with free speech. America once had government enforced ethic and factual media standards, but that was done away with in the Reagan Administration. That gave the freedom that FOX has to lie and fabricate and call it the news. It also gave rise to the non stop hate talk radio you now enjoy in America. You can get away with a lot here. Blasphemy and vicious humor is the fodder of politics and what made France the country it is today. You cannot actively promote hate against any group, hence the ongoing prosecution of the anti semitic comedian Dieudonne and today for example, the Front National had to take a video off of their website made by their EU deputy that compared Muslims to Nazies. Marine LePen had to try to backpaddle and explain it away all day long, but the video went viral and they will be prosecuted for it next week.
    Hildalgo would not pursue this if she didn’t think they had a strong case against FOX. She wants more than the lame apologies they have been offering. If the case proceeds, it is in FOX’s best interests to settle it as fast and as neatly as they can, because though they might think they can reap some martyrdom hype out of it, they will lose in a French court and it could mean the right to broadcast here. I noticed today that FOX is outraged because their name cards for the SOTU simply said FOX and not FOX NEWS! They were outraged! Shepherd Smith considered it a stain on the escutcheon of his very mothers honor and wants to challenge Obama to a duel.

    1. I so hope the French are successful in their suit — yeee hah! Vive la France!
      The radical rabid right over here are still continuing their claims. One of them made a similar claim not only about Deerborn MI, but Minneapolis, which was clearly a complete lie.
      The right sees oblivious to facts, and to law suits for that matter – they are a litigious lot themselves. It becomes one more pretext for their fake victim status that is so central to their ideology.
      But they DO seem incredibly vulnerable, more than most, to RIDICULE. And they are getting plenty of that over the continuing no-go zones nonsense. I think ol’ Rupert Murdoch has been particularly stung this round by the ridicule, since so much of it has been directed at him personally, not just the Fox cable network.

  3. BTW, your comment in your post about the reason FOX pursues this line of manipulative propaganda is right on the money. They are the media face of the conservative Republicans in the USA and this was meant to inspire opposition to the Obama Administration Immigration reform in the USA. Look at who else is pushing this series of lies publicly…Bobby Jindhal among others. That is why Hildalgo is right in her legal demands. It isn’t enough for FOX to lamely apologise to anyone in France they might have offended. Another example of the BIG LIE…once it is said, those who want to believe it will accept it as fact. They know this and that is the principle of the Murdoch organization and hate talk radio in general. As I said, this is not about Free Speech. To confuse the issue with Freedom of Speech is immature and intellectually and legally lame. Perhaps these yahoos who keep worshipping at the altar of their imaginary “founding fathers” could actually profit if they read some of the actual thoughts of Emerson and Jefferson defining the definition of Freedom of Speech. Suddenly, the best selling author in France this week is Jean-Jacques Rousseau who died in 1778, but whose ideas fed the French Revolution and inspired social change all over Europe and was a model for the American “Founding Fathers”.

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