Gang Behavior Wrapped in Religion

Now Al-Qaeda wants to get ‘credit’ for the Paris murders. They like ISIS are no more than gang thugs like those who operate on some urban streets in LA and Chicago. Men stuck in adolescence. What a pity.

Men who are stuck in adolescence permeate societies all over the world from Boka Haram in Africa to the Mexican Drug gangs to the Russian Mafia. Bad boys behaving badly. Boys, not men. Pitiful adolescents in a man’s body.

Who can imagine a fully-functioning adult male killing cartoonists or shoppers at a grocery store? And who can fathom that such boys would believe that they would be regarded as heroes? Or deserve a special place in Paradise?

Brain damage, for sure. Psychosis at the least.

Boys behaving badly.




2 thoughts on “Gang Behavior Wrapped in Religion

  1. I saw an interesting map of the States concerning the States where same sex marriage is legal on a discussion of the coming case at the SCOTUS.
    Ohio stands out alone of northern states prohibiting same sex marriage.There is a direct line, my friend, running from Ohio to Kentucky to Tennessee and ending here Mississippi….Interesting, not so? seems we might be better focused on our own state of affairs than dysfunctional France….hmmmmm….

  2. Religion can bring out the best in man and the worst in man for all the wrong reasons.
    France isn’t so dysfunctional in reality, you’d find it quite interesting in the way the media, the government and most of the French population is dealing with this. One thing that will never happen here is a “Patriot Act”…on the other hand, I have long considered America totally dysfunctional. Most of the same states challenging same sex marriage are the tired old dysfunctional bunch that fought the Civil Rights act…Face it…the Operating System of America was hacked a long time ago and never updated. There is no virus protection and the present gang of yahoos with their greasy thumbs on the voting buttons in Congress are trying to rip off what ever band aids and safeguards against corruption and to guard your rights as fast as their senile synapses will let them.

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