Tout Est Pardonné

French media are reporting on what they say is the cover of the latest issue of Charlie Hebdo, the satirical French weekly that was the target of a deadly attack last week. It features an image apparently of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad shedding a tear and holding a sign that reads: “Je Suis Charlie” [“I Am Charlie”]. The cover reads “Tout Est Pardonné” [“All Is Forgiven”].



3 thoughts on “Tout Est Pardonné

  1. A lot of the commentary I read in the American press seems to completely not “get” Charlie Hebdo. Gay commentators complain because Charlie insults gays, christians hate it because it is really offensive to christians…if you are easily offended, I guarantee, Charlie will offend you. But that’s the point of their humor. One of the main principles of our freedom of speech is the slogan from May ’68…”It is forbidden to forbid!” If you do buy the paper, you will have to put up with the great writing by some brilliant minds in the process of being offended. I just saw an interview with some of the surviving staff and their friends from my favorite satirical TV program, Groland. During the interview/discussion, one of the artists opened a bottle of wine which is forbidden on live french tv…the bottle had a label designed by the murdered artist/editor, Charb…they drank it all And the ensuing discussion was hilarious.

  2. Ah, yes. The ‘purists’ over here must be terribly confused as which way to lean- especially the dullards at Fox. But then, the Freedom of Speech principle on Fox always has an asterisk.

    * as we see it!

    It continues to be a growing wasteland politically over here. Today some moron GOP Congressman from Texas tweeted that Hitler showed up in Paris but Obama didn’t. Yes, that’s what he said. And another barbarian from Texas, Ted Cruz was appointed to the committee that oversees NASA while his Neanderthal colleague on the far- right, Marco Rubio gets a seat on the oversite committee for NOAA. Both are still denying human-caused climate change.

    As the largest single chunk of melting snow and ice in the world, the massive ice sheet that covers about 80 percent of Greenland is recognized as the biggest potential contributor to rising sea levels due to glacial meltwater.

    This meltwater is not only cold in temperature, but it has a lower specific gravity than saltwater. These two characteristics may interfere with the North Atlantic Gulf Stream which warms northern Europe. This ‘engine in the ocean’ may either cease to function or be downgraded by this freshwater dilution.

    But, what the hell. Rubio and Cruz live in hot states so they don’t worry about potential loss of heat.

    And so it goes…

  3. Speaking of FOX…there is a big outcry here after FOX did a segment claiming there are NO GO ZONES controlled by Sharia Law in Paris where the police are not allowed. Total fantasy, but they had some young “expert” who claimed he had been there and seen it. The lies got echoed today by none other than Sean Hannitty who broght Nigel Farage of Britain’s UKIP Party on as his terrorism expert. FOX had a map of Paris with areas out lined in bright magenta lines. I think I’m really pissed off!!!!!

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