Ignorant AZ GOP Congressman calls Native Americans ‘Wards of the State’

There are so many ignorant people representing others in our Federal Government and most come from the Republican Party. Enter AZ Congressman Paul Gosar. He’s clearly living in the 18th century. Here’s what he said to a representative of the Arizona White Mountain Apache Tribe , “You’re still wards of the federal government.”

Seriously, that’s what he told him.

Did he snooze through American History class?

Or was he home schooled?

The Rocky Mountains Times reports, ‘The Arizona representative’s “wards of the federal government” comment was true once upon a time… nearly two centuries ago. In the Supreme Court’s 1831 decision in Cherokee Nation v. State of Georgia, Chief Justice John Marshall wrote that Native American tribes be named “domestic dependent nations” because they “look to our government for protection; rely upon its kindness and its power; appeal to it for relief to their wants; and address the President as their great father.”,

I doubt seriously that Rep. Gosar refers to President Obama as ‘the great father.’

So goes life here in the colonies…


3 thoughts on “Ignorant AZ GOP Congressman calls Native Americans ‘Wards of the State’

  1. Good Morning Professor,
    To quote Friedrich Nietzsche:
    “Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies.”
    This is the pitfall of many conservatives” mindset.

  2. You do realize they are all sovereign nations by treaty. They are nations with the United States nation. That has prevented the Native American from being assimilated into the dominant culture…The only conquered people so non inconclusive…..

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