1.1T Spending Bill Weakens Dodd-Frank, Cuts Pensions

This headline from a week ago no doubt was overlooked by a majority of Americans who were ‘busy’ preparing for the Christmas holiday. Most won’t know much until way-after the New Year’s drunk wears off.

Too late, sorry. Done deal. The Middle Class gets screwed some more. Yawn.

The provision ‘drawing fire’ would allow pensions to be cut for current retirees covered by some economically-distressed multiemployer plans- part of a package agreed to unexpectedly Tuesday after ‘secretive talks.’

Secret talks by “our” legislators. Our legislators, the people who represent us in DC? The ones who speak for us??

It was a 1,603-page bill. Yes, 1600 pages. Recall how some legislators decried the so-called Obamacare legislation because it was x-number of pages? Yet it was released days before the vote, not merely hours.

Rep. Hal Rogers, R-Ky., the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, said the measure “will allow us to fulfill our constitutional duty to responsibly fund the federal government and avoid a shutdown.”

Responsibly? How many of his fellow Kentuckians nodded their heads on this?

Then there is the section which ‘also includes several provisions to fulfill Republican policy objectives, including significantly weakening new regulations that require banks to set up separate affiliates to deal in the more exotic and riskier forms of complex financial instruments called swaps.’

Sure, that’s just what Middle Class citizens were hoping for. More financial risk on Wall Street.

Does the word oligarchy ring a bell? Democracy my ass!


3 thoughts on “1.1T Spending Bill Weakens Dodd-Frank, Cuts Pensions

  1. As 2014 draws to a close, I can’t help but make an analogy of the American public as a deranged person alone in a room hitting them self in the head with a brick howling, “Stop me, I’m hurting myself!” and any one who tries to take the brick away and stop it gets attacked and bashed by the person they are trying to stop from bashing himself on the head with the brick who immediately resumes bashing them self on the head with a brick howling, “Stop me, I’m hurting myself!”
    I know it’s not funny and rather crude, but life is like that.

  2. And, Obama signed the Bill into law…Oh, whats that I hear? “Not a dimes worth of difference………” As I said many years ago, my friend, “It’s all over!”

  3. Yes, it is all over! The word ‘democracy’ has evaporated and, even more shocking, the vast majority of our fellow citizens don’t even know. Ignorance is bliss. They will, however, bitch when the big banks do an encore performance a few months from now.

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