Biological Boot Loader for Artificial Intelligence

Yesterday, Stephen Hawking warned that artificial intelligence could end mankind. As one of the world’s greatest thinkers, Hawking knows perhaps better than others because his biological life depends on artificial intelligence. In fact, he uses a state of the art speaking system which anticipates words he might speak.

Robots, the Internet, smart phones and this IPad which anticipates the words I am typing are commonplace examples of Ai already in use. One can anticipate even more at the upcoming exhibition of consumer electronics in January. Apps like the Smartphone INSTEON adds remote control and automation to lighting, appliance and home control applications of all types. Your programable thermostat is now an antique in comparison.

What about the “end of mankind” scenario? Tia Ghose, LiveScience Staff Writer, reports:

“In the end humans may become like mitochondria, the energy powerhouses of the cells. Though mitochondria were once independent organisms, primitive bacteria engulfed mitochondria long ago, and they gradually outsourced all their functions but making energy. Humans may similarly lose all their abilities, regressing to the point that they only provide energy for the machines.”

In fact, there is speculation that we humans are mere biological creations of some superhuman Ai elsewhere in the multiverse. Maybe even Soilent Green!

In another recent article, How Should We Live If Humanity Is the “Biological Boot Loader for Digital Superintelligence”? author Paul Metzger writes, “Humankind may well be, as Elon Musk puts it, the “biological boot loader for digital superintelligence.” In the future, extinct humanity will be regarded the Christ sacrificed, and living as The Spirit within religious machines. Can we have a binary amen? (“Isaac Edward Leibowitz”)”

He goes on, “…while science may someday have the capacity to generate a digital super-intelligence that replaces humanity, we should not bring to pass such scientific advances based on ethical considerations. The question still is “Why?” Is humanity an end in itself? Why is it such an end? Because of a certain level of rational freedom or autonomy? But if in the end what we take to be the basis for rational freedom is simply a form of matter, what is the fundamental difference between humanity and machine?”

Ah, these questions now become the property of the philosopher and the theologian. Or NOT the theologian. Especially not! After all, theology assumes that we humans were created by a Deity so that, after the failure of the biological body, i.e. death, we can join “him” in Heaven. I’m not sure that the place drummed-up as ‘Heaven’ has anything to do with engulfed mitochondria.

With all of this scientific speculation, the absurdity of religious wars becomes even more barbaric than usual. ISIS piques it to absurdity perhaps even more than the Crusades or the Inquisition because they utilize Ai.

So, humans are the most intelligent creatures on earth. Really?


5 thoughts on “Biological Boot Loader for Artificial Intelligence

  1. The questions and scenarios we are faced with today as usual were anticipated by the great sci fi writers of the past. I still like science fiction, but I have noticed that the genre has really changed. There aren’t so many pure sci fi writers in the classic sense around any more, instead we find speculative fiction about alternate paths of history…the near future is much more fascinating than grand leaps of Heinlein or Asimov. There are certain movies that stick with you, guilty pleasures of childhood. One movie I watch over and over again is the late 50’s classic, Forbidden Planet. For sheer vision and inventiveness, few sci fi movies ever attained what that film did…even down to the soundtrack. This was in the late 1950’s, before synthesizers. The composers were a couple, the Buells who composed by by building electric circuits that were meant to fail and then recording the audio evidence on tape. The tapes became the elements of the music. So the soundtrack of the film has no traditional instrumentation, it is all built from tape loops of their burned out circuits.
    You could say that this is a very good example of why AI, in the hands of humans could never evolve to supercede humans. We subvert systems. Humans are the ultimate hackers. Could AI supercede humans if we could somehow program a tech version of altruism? That’s what we have, genetically…altruism operates on a genetic level. Sometimes it works to the disadvantage of the organism, but in most cases it is what propels evolutionary change and behavior.
    Back to Forbidden Planet: That is the plot! A alien race, the Krells, becomes so dependent on advanced technology that they leave behind a functioning planet that self maintaining and becomes a trap for anyone who tries to use the technology, for that is what destroyed the Krells…..

  2. Just a couple of points, lol …..

    First, AI, is that Artificial Intelligence or is it Artificial Insemination?

    Second. How much do we permit to go forward….

    Third, it reminds me of the old movie….Space Odyssey: 2001.Hal, the computer had been given control of the spacecraft as the crew were put into a deep sleep, maybe induced to prevent the ageing process as the module traveled many years to the outer limits. As the time for the humans to awaken approached, Hal “decides” to terminate the human rivals… When
    a couple of the crew are able to escape their cocoon, it becomes a struggle as to whom will survive….In this movie, AI loses and humanity wins…

  3. One more comment…more than ever, I am convinced that religion, a belief in heaven is the most dangerous type of avoidance behavior threatening our planet. It’s not technology. It’s us. As far as I’m concerned, if you believe in preordained reality and end times, do us all a big favor and go rapture your fat lazy ass now!!!!!!!

  4. even more….final line from me on this…humans don’t need no stinking Artificial Intelligence to destroy themselves and the planet, we are quite capable of doing it on our own, thank you very much! Sheesh!

    1. …and we are doings ever-more rapidly. Yet the End Timers don’t give a hoot. They are looking forward to their ‘eternal bliss’ somewhere in the Cosmos. Sadly, they have no idea of modern cosmology and are still cemented in biblical nonsense. Unfortunately, they also vote with the loony right and the Fossil Fuel lobby.

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