The Fear-mongering has Suddenly Disappeared

I was in the waiting room this AM and Time Magazine was on the table next to me. The cover showed a person in a hazmat suit; it was all about Ebola!

Gosh, for the past 48 hours, Ebola has seemingly disappeared. ISIS too! Gosh, a double miracle must have occurred. Both disease and radical Muslims evaporated.

How did this double miracle happen?

Oh, I get it: the election is over.


2 thoughts on “The Fear-mongering has Suddenly Disappeared

  1. Just for kicks I occasionally watch Fox & Friends for a short period in the morning. For over a month they have been fear mongering that President Obama is not doing enough to fight the threat from Ebola. Then, this morning they have this totally unqualified nutbag guest claiming that the money the President has requested to help in Africa should be spent here on other health issues instead.

    On a side note, did you notice the Fox clowns gloating about the election? Can you imagine ANY mainstream network gloating about wins for Democrats or Republicans? Fair and balanced my a**!

  2. Muddy, you have to read this!
    This is an area I grew up around when I was a kid.

    The Republican nut bag’s name is Peroutka won Severna Parks County Council seat.  This bastard makes the Tea Party look like liberals.  He even said so.

    His wife had two teenage daughters from her first marriage.  He made his wife to give them up to social services because they were not following the Bible and were un- god like.  They are in foster care right now.  He is a 7th Day Adventist.

    Scarry Shit!!!

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