What the Voter Doesn’t Know

As I was driving along a rural road yesterday near Lake Erie, farmers were harvesting their beans and corn in the bright October sun. As I entered Erie county, suddenly there was a plethora of campaign signs everywhere. Apparently there is a hot battle there for a judgeship as there were an equal amount of signs Bruce Winter and his opponent Lorraine Crow.

I don’t know either, but it was easy to ID their political party by the other political signs clustered together alongside of them.

Many orange signs had the word Latta- that’s the 9th Ohio congressional district’s current congressman. Although I live in Bob Latta’s district, I have never seen one of his rather ugly signs. In fact, there are very few political signs this year.


Getting back to the rural road, I wonder whether the folks who planted the Latta signs really know the congressman’s agenda. Better yet, they probably don’t know his major political doners. These houses, mainly tiny and in need of paint, clearly do not house people of means; that was clear. Yet, Latta’s big campaign doners are the fossil fuel giants, the pharmaceutical industry, electric and telecommunication industries, health insurance industry, the TV and cable industry and bankers association.

How’s that money impacting the folks along route 163? Everything hunky-dorrie? Bob initiated (well, it was brought to his attention by one of his generous political doners) H.R.1919: Safeguarding America’s Pharmaceuticals Act of 2013. What does a farm boy from rural western Ohio know about the pharmaceutical industry? Hmm.

How much influence does $64,000 buy? That’s what Big Pharm contributed to Bob’s campaigns. For what purpose other than to influence him to sponsor their bill-a bill that protects the industry from outside competition. It does nothing to ’safeguard’ us but, in fact, cuts down on their competition from bulk providers.

But the man who stuck the Latta sign in his front yard along Rt. 163 doesn’t know that. And Bob is thankful that he doesn’t.


5 thoughts on “What the Voter Doesn’t Know

  1. I think the ignorance of the electorate is painful. I just did a post about a “documentary” by Citizens United. I’m not sure whether to describe the documentary as pathos or irony.

  2. 1. The LATTA signs are actually signs his father used for years.
    2. Bob Latta is not a rural farm boy. He grew up in Bowling Green.

      1. Actually in a way, you’re correct. His “views” come from the Ohio counties of Paulding and Putnam.

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