App Does Math Homework with Phone Camera

Launched earlier this week at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in London, PhotoMath is already shooting to the top of the app charts. The software uses optical character recognition technology to read printed equations on a page, then pops up an augmented-reality display that works through captured equations in real time.

One can point your phone at a problem and PhotoMath can solve it for you, most of the time. (The character recognition only works with printed materials — no handwriting.)

But that’s just the baseline tech. Where PhotoMath gets genuinely awesome is in the image capture options. Once you’ve captured a particular equation, PhotoMath can save the image, then generate detailed instructions on how you actually solve the math problem. In other words, with PhotoMath, you can show your work.



One thought on “App Does Math Homework with Phone Camera

  1. When I was in college, we were not allowed to use calculators during tests. That and you had to be rich to afford one. I am a firm believer in using technology to make the World a better place and think this might be good. ONLY if the operator understands what the app is doing. Think of all the times you figured out a better way of doing something by working through it the long way.

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