Threats to Americans, ranked

…and NOT by media hype

1. (tie) cancer & heart disease
2. traffic accidents
3. guns
4. climate change
5. War in the Balkans
6. The flu

Note that ISIS and Ebola are not yet mentioned, yet the media and politicians hype them above all others.

Your health ranks well above the hyped stories, but the ‘fear factor’ puts us all on edge. In fact, household accidents ranks higher than Ebola.

What does this show us? The two largest cable news networks, CNN and FOX enjoy scaring the hell out of us and it sells advertising time. It’s all about the money for CNN and it’s about feeding the base for Fox.

One thought on “Threats to Americans, ranked

  1. Of course, after today’s incident in Ottawa American fear-level rose another notch prompting, perhaps, an extra scoop of ice cream.

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