Yes, it’s been a long time.

I’ve been in the trenches of Social Media where keeping my intellectual capacity up to par has been seriously challenged, but I thought I would share this with you:

From Facebook:

I’m not sure if this is serious stupidity or rampant ignorance since pretty much everybody knows it is the US CONSTITUTION that begins “We the people..”

Well, everybody except this idiot.

The Phrase “we the people” is totally absent from the Declaration of Independence.

Which would be something this person would know if he actually read either document, which he obviously hasn’t.

Neither has he understood either one for their historic and legal significance. And I am not patient enough to try to educate this person since he is a lost cause for any intellectual pursuit.

I would be pretty sure that things like ablative absolutes would seriously go well beyond this person’s intellectual capacity.

Again, why I don’t bother with the average gun loon. This clown is pretty typical for the intellectual level of a gunloon.

Of course, Gunloons will more than eagerly foist their ignorance upon one.

Ignorance isn’t bliss: it’s really fucking annoying.


3 thoughts on “Yes, it’s been a long time.

  1. There must be an odd meme which travels along with this type of person. Perhaps it actually is helpful to our species, though. The meme of blatant ignorance helps warn those around him of his clear and present danger. It functions like an invisible Bozo costume!

    Glad to hear from you, Microdot. Hope your summer was literally fruitful.

    1. Hello Muddy,
      This is engineerofknowledge. :-)
      Mindsandtimes is my new site to complement my co-hosting on “Here Be Monsters The Sunday Show” blog radio show. Plus for some reason I cannot access my old Engineer of Knowledge site.

      I logged in on my new Minds and Times and posted the last piece.

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