State Rankings on Greenhouse Gas Emission



8 thoughts on “State Rankings on Greenhouse Gas Emission

  1. And if the Keystone pipeline makes its’ way to Texas, the refining of that dirty oil will drive up the pollution way further.

    Keystone Pipeline Facts:
    – Can’t build a shorter and cheaper pipeline within Canada because of environmental pollution standards in that Country
    – Koch brothers own must of the oil fields containing the oil to be transported
    – Tar Sands oil is VERY dirty and dangerous to refine and/or transport
    – The Company trying to build the pipeline has SEVERAL environmental accidents that have not or cannot be cleaned up with the U.S. borders

      1. Can’t breath, eat or drink money. Oh, all that new oil is to be shipped OUT of the Country. Did you know that the United States is the largest exporter of petroleum in the entire World, including the Middle East? And using natural gas produced by fracking is over 93 times as polluting as using coal. (And the Koch brothers have their big hands in fracking too!)

  2. Now you got me started. Did you get that flyer in the mail from Bob Latta?

    He made three points:
    1. We don’t need no stinkin’ job killing regulation (Tell that to people in Northwest Ohio who lost potable water this Summer).
    2. We need to use more of America’s own natural resources so we need the Keystone Pipeline (He must not know that all the tar sands oil is being exported and it’s Canada’s natural resource anyway).
    3. He will bring jobs back to Ohio (you mean like that pork barrel tank plant in Lima that keeps building new tanks that end up in military boneyards because we already have too many of that land based military equipment, when what we actually use is air launched military equipment).

  3. Nothing from Bob. Darned! You may know that Bob gets his campaign money from oil, gas and electric utilities. His top contributor was Marathon Petroleum.

    Got to pay ’em back, you know!

    1. During some previous research on the Koch brothers I seem to remember Latta getting ONLY $10,000 in 2012 from one of the Koch fronts.

  4. Psssst……wanna hear some dirt from the past?,6785478

    Provisions in the GRAMM-LATTA budget plan called for a decrease in domestic spending, but a huge increase in military spending. After this budget was passed, the older Latta retired from Congress and went to work for……wait for it……one of the companies that greatly benefited from the increase in military spending. I suppose it’s just a coincidence that after being a Congressman from 1958 to 1984, the older Latta was worth several million dollars a few years after retiring (who know the U.S. House pension paid so well). And in the latest financial reports, the younger Latta is worth almost 3 million dollars. Pretty good considering his only jobs have been a Wood County Commissioner, a 2 term limited State Senator and a 2 term limited State Representative. Who knew working for the taxpayers could be so monetarily rewarding.

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