GOP Climate Chang Deniers Shot Down by Real Scientist

Wednesday had to have been a frustrating day for White House Science Advisor Dr. John P. Holdren.

Holdren, a lauded theoretical physicist, appeared before the Republican-led House Committee on Science, Space and Technology on Wednesday to testify about the Obama administration’s plan to fight climate change. But, as is true for all House Science committee hearings on climate change, much of the questioning focused not the content of the plan itself, but whether global warming is even real.

Additional lines of questioning included whether carbon dioxide actually harms human health, and whether the climate plan would lower global temperatures on its own — two questions with complicated answers that have been very thoroughly explained since the plan was introduced. One Congressmen accused Holdren of breaking the law by sending work e-mails from his personal account in 2013, while another said climate scientists shouldn’t be trusted because of their dependence on the existence of climate change to make a living.

Fortunately, Holdren is a confident speaker who was able to succinctly explain the science to his climate denying questioners despite constant interruption. Here are a few of the best times he did just that.


12 thoughts on “GOP Climate Chang Deniers Shot Down by Real Scientist

  1. I saw that article when it first came out and for the first time it brought a huge question to the front: “How does being a professional politician qualify you to make decisions on Climate Change?”

    Every few months I get the Bob Latta Town Hall Meeting call (they NEVER put anyone on who disagrees with him). Last FEBRUARY he actually made this statement: “All you have to do is look out your back door to know there’s no such thing as global warming.” Did you know he is AGAINST public education? Guess he would make a good example of public education gone bad.

  2. What good are demonstrations? No demonstration gave women the right to vote; no demonstration ended Viet Nam; no demonstration gave cicil right in 1964;,and no demonstration on the corner of central and secor
    prevented the Iraq War…..

    1. Hey, that’s great. I never thought of it that way before. Demonstrations actually can make a difference by bringing the issues into public discussions.

      (But you’re correct, no local demonstrations did end the war in Iraq. But countrywide local demonstrations sure made sure we got out.)

    2. Demonstrations that were televised helped blacks in the South dump Jim Crow and get voting justice. Did you forget that?

  3. Mr. Mud, we should make a list of all the “facts” the climate change deniers are offering. Then have us a “truth” party. I’ll start:

    – The Antarctica ice field is at a record high
    – The Arctic ice cap is twice the size it was two years ago
    – Plants need carbon dioxide
    – Washington D.C. shut down over four times last Winter due to severe weather
    – The global temperature has changed due to non-man-made causes
    – China does emit more pollution than the United States
    – Melting ice in a glass will not make the water in the glass overflow

    (HINT: All the statements are true but don’t have the implied consequences.)

    1. One I didn’t see on the list was that increased natural gas usage is a solution. Since most increases in natural gas production come from fracking, natural gas could become a bigger problem than coal.

      My all time favorite: “Greenland used to be green; that’s why it’s called Greenland.”

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