Modern population boom traced to pre-industrial roots

We might wind up being back in a situation where a growing part of the population is basically providing labor to sustain a minority,” Stutz says. “You could certainly point to the sweat shops in the developing world. Another potential example is the growing income inequality that’s been well-documented in the United States over the last couple of decades.”

The paragraph above is the shocking closing of the following article:


4 thoughts on “Modern population boom traced to pre-industrial roots

  1. “growing income inequality”

    Income inequality is greatly harming the nutrition of our bodies, but the group getting the least nutrition are the bottom 47%. There’s that number again! As the price of nutritious food increases an the incomes of the 47%
    do not keep up, they are forced to not buy fruits, vegetables, protein, and dairy. They have to buy the processed foods in the aisles of the store. The impact is most noticeable in children. They lack health and wellness,
    which is precipitating learning ability. The system of government, medical, and insurance control of our nutrition is a significant reason for the problems mentioned in previous posts and comments.

    We are terribly malnourished and that includes us. The above three groups have sacrificed our health and wellness and that of our families on the cross of profit and greed. As a reference, the USDA has just announced the result of the nutrients in our food. From 1960 to now, the nutritional value of our farm food has diminished by 60%. Yes, 60%!
    Any wonder why we have children born with autism and ADHD and becoming obese and diabetic, while seniors now have alzheimers. I believe the recent autistic rate is 1in 66 births. As the gaps in the incomes of the haves and have nots widen the outcome will only worsen. Pertaining to education improvement it means there can be little if any. The outlook is grim!

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