Isis and ISIS


Isis is the most popular of all the goddesses, she has been worshiped for approximately 4500 years ( with origin dates varying from 2700- 2500 BCE.) She is representative of beauty, love, abundance, marriage, fertility, healing, the power of the Moon and of the Afterlife.

Imagine that. Too bad she was put into a box and moved the attic with other ‘stuff’ we deem as no longer useful.

ISIS and all of the other so-called ‘pagan’ gods and goddesses were dumped when the fable of Moses was written in 600 BCE by Jewish scribes who were returning from Babylonian captivity.

The fable, as we recall, pretended that Moses climbed a mountain to get ‘closer’ to God because God lived ” up there just above the firmament.” Such was late Iron Age cosmology. Moses came down with two stone tablets onto which were inscribed 10 commandments. At least the Mormon tale was of gold tablets! Apparently Moses got the economy package- stone!

Bang off rule #1: Get rid of those other gods and goddesses, including Isis. His people, however, liked their lower-case deities and found them quite useful in their daily life.

But no. None of this small-g stuff! Only the “G” from now on. And, by the way, that’s all-male. The female is out.

As a result the goddess of beauty, love and abundance was replaced by a jealous and angry god. One who directed the smiting of enemies, of genocide, of intolerance.

Fundamentalism, both Christian and Muslim, has accounted for the death and maiming of millions of people since the inception of this wrathfully god. And now, two millennia after Isis was melted down over hot coals, ISIS raises it’s ugly head and beheads all who do not believe in that wrath-filled deity.

Yet, like deer in the headlights, American Christians are dumbfounded with reports of this set of fundamental religious zealots.