Best Toilet Design

The flush toilet has served the world for more than 130 years but the bog-standard design has been given an eco-friendly facelift.

Student designers have come up with a range of futuristic toilets that are better for the environment and could even prevent diseases.

The ‘Wellbeing Toilet’ was recently crowned winner at a competition organised by Dyno-Rod Drains, which asked designers to create a loo that ‘benefits our health and the environment’.

The design – made from concrete, marble and ceramics – is the world’s first ergonomically-correct toilet.

It forces the user to sit in a ‘healthier’ squat position that helps reduce the risk of intestinal cancer and hemorrhoids, its designers claim.



7 thoughts on “Best Toilet Design

  1. Well. I think I will keep on using and going the way I have been for the last 70 years, hmmm. My old bones and joints are getting to sore to have to squat to use it and then keeping my balance, omg, lol……..

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