Israel Goes Hysterical Over a Single Lost Soldier

As in many books of the Hebrew Bible, Israel has been in a determined mode of smithing it’s enemy. Apparently what was old is new again. More than 1200 Palestinians have been smitten, mostly women, children and old men and women. I’m not sure whether today’s Israeli soldiers are capturing virgins for their personal enjoyment. God approves, nonetheless.

But woe is Israel today! A great gloom fell a crossed the Holy Land today as news of the capture of one of its soldiers! Lamentations and cries of hopelessness can be heard throughout the land. Why has Yahweh abandoned His People? Woe are we!

Stupid stuff? Well, not really. After all, they are God’s Chosen People.


7 thoughts on “Israel Goes Hysterical Over a Single Lost Soldier

  1. And now they’re asking the U.S. to replenish their arsenal because they’ve used so much killing Palestinians.

    Knowing that Israel controls almost all the news coming out of that area, you have to listen carefully to the news reports. The latest cause of the cease fire was reported because of rockets fired in “the southern area”. Isn’t that Gaza? Occupied Palestinian territory? So worse case scenario because rockets fired within Palestine, Israel must fire more (and more powerful) bombs into Palestine to teach them a lesson?

    So I have to ask, if the large majority of Americans want Israel to stop, why are we sending more bombs to Israel? Oh, that’s right, because of another Israeli occupied territory. (The U.S. Congress)

      1. Me? Think about how you responded if Monroe and Erie and Temperance and Ida were rocketing Toledo? You said that you would nuke them! Sounds rather pro-Israel.

  2. Got water? We just had the plumber over to install valves to switch between Toledo water and well water. The other half is at Home Depot getting supplies for the filtering system. Now I’m wondering what kind of generator I might need.

      1. LOL – It would be hard to figure out with Portman, Kaptur and Latta all giving TV interviews about how THEY are fixing things. Where was Jordan?

        (I almost hate to say it, but Kaptur was the only one on solid ground and Latta came across as an opportunist.)

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