The 100 counties with lowest per capita income are in Red States

No surprise there. Red state legislators seem to be happy to keep their people poor and ignorant. That way the legislators can keep their cushy jobs election after election.

Texas, 17; Kentucky, 16; Mississippi, 14; South Dakota, 10; Louisiana, 5; Alabama, 4; Georgia, 4; Montana, 4; New Mexico, 4; North Dakota, 3; Arizona, 2; Idaho, 2; Nebraska, 2; Tennessee, 2; West Virginia, 2; Alaska, 1; Arkansas, 1; Colorado, 1; Florida, 1; Missouri, 1; Oklahoma, 1; South Carolina, 1; Utah, 1; Wisconsin, 1.



6 thoughts on “The 100 counties with lowest per capita income are in Red States

  1. Tried my math and got 14.08%. If that is correct gentlemen, have we not made progress? We would be moving in the right direction, wouldn’t we?

      1. I beg to disagree…it is a per capita statistic. My friend, if we keep producing mal nourished babies by mal nourished mothers which creates
        children with birth defects from autism, physical handicaps, and mental illnesses, the poor will geometrically increase. The key to a labor force is people must be “willing and able” to work. It’s less and less present.
        We are back to that word “culture” again!

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