Nun Killer Priest Gets Full Religious Funeral

In one more paper in the Catholic Church file, “Can you believe this?” Fr. Gerald Robinson will receive a full clerical church funeral mass- the same as any priest. Robinson was convicted of the ritualistic murder of Catholic nun.

Former religion editor of the Toledo Blade, David Yonke, wrote the following:


The nun’s murder was a heinous, despicable and cowardly crime. The petite, elderly sister, hard of hearing, was attacked from behind. She most likely was caught entirely by surprise.

The killer first choked her nearly to death using a ligature, or cloth, wrapped around her neck, squeezing so hard he broke two bones in her throat. He then laid her unconscious body, her heart barely beating, on the sacristy’s cold terrazzo floor.

Her body was then covered with an altar cloth, in the chapel sacristy on Holy Saturday, the only day of the year when the Holy Eucharist — or Body of Christ — is removed from the chapel and placed in the sacristy, symbolic of the day between Jesus’ crucifixion and his resurrection. The Paschal (Easter) candle was beside her.

The symbolic elements run deep.

The killer first stabbed her nine times in the chest, later determined to be in the shape of an upside down cross. The form of the inverted cross was so precise that detectives believe an actual cross was placed atop the altar cloth and the body and used as a template.

Stabbed 32 times

The murderer then stabbed Sister Margaret Ann another 23 times in the chest, neck and face.

He made a mark on her forehead with her own blood – a perversion of the religious “anointing” ritual.

Before leaving, he pulled her habit up to her chest and pulled her girdle down to her ankles, leaving her body naked and exposed until it was discovered by another nun, who understandably became hysterical.

– ———————————

The Toledo Catholic Diocese said in a press release today (Saturday, July 5) that the Rev. Gerald Robinson’s funeral will follow “the usual protocol” for a diocesan priest’s funeral, despite the fact that he died a convicted murderer.

Imagine that! A full ceremony. Only the Holy Roman Catholic Church would permit that.


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  1. so many catholics have been denied entrance into the church, when they died, for one reason or another that left them out. yet a man who I know God did not call to be a catholic priest, is. His calling was by the evil one. Why are we afraid to say it like it is, and throw out evil when its so easy to see. Didn’t the nun matter? This goes so much deeper. who are we serving?

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