Religious Right Leaders: Aging and Angry

If you’ve sat down and watched an interview with any one of the outspoken conservative religious leaders recently, you’ve probably noticed something: they’re aging and angry. In fact, with each interview we see, it’s almost as if we watch them get angrier and angrier.

Why? They lost and are damned mad about it.

When we try to break open the question as to why they seem so angry, the various answers all seem to point to one root cause: they’ve lost power and control.

Today however, they are approaching their twilight years. During a time when many would think of retirement and the opportunity to sit back and admire their accomplishments, these religious leaders are left to simply look over their shoulders at a building that is crumbling and beginning to catch fire. This is precisely what has them so angry: they’ve lost most of the power and control they once had, and what’s left, is quickly slipping through their fingers. Here are what I think are the three key areas:

1. They lost a culture war they spent 30+ years fighting.
2. Culture advanced without them, and they’ve realized they are no longer relevant
3. They lost the generation that was supposed to replenish their ranks


One thought on “Religious Right Leaders: Aging and Angry

  1. Hello Muddy,
    I think John Steinbeck summed it up very well, “Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts … perhaps the fear of a loss of power.”

    With these Religious Right Wingers we have not only seen anger but also complemented with corruption trying to keep their influnce within their community.

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