The Bush-Cheney Nightmare Comes Back to Haunt us Again

I’ve written volumes on the idiotic Bush War on Iraq. My first attempts to educate my fellow citizens on the stupidity of the proposed war were met with derision and hostility. Today however, 11 years later, most Americans realize the folly of that excursion into darkness. Except the war-hawks.

Did the neocon war-hawks understand that they were getting into a religious civil war when they cheered the war on Iraq? Or were they only interested in vengeance? And oil?

Look at the map below. It’s a religious mess. This map is a proposed way of rearranging ‘nations.’ Bush-Cheney never realized this. What morons.



8 thoughts on “The Bush-Cheney Nightmare Comes Back to Haunt us Again

  1. As Daddy Bush warned his mentally deficent son, W., “don’t go into Iraq…you break it…you own it.” But the oil bought influnces of the White House through V. P. Cheney, they saw what they thought was an oppertunity of gaining Iraq oil wells.

    This is why we are here today.

  2. Indeed Muddy. Those 8 years of Dick Cheney and Alphred “W”.Newman Bush…..has done more damage to the working middle class than all previous 100 year collection of Demoncratic Presidents combined.

  3. “Did the neocon war-hawks understand that they were getting into a religious civil war when they cheered the war on Iraq?”

    My friends, we have been here before. There would have been no Iraqi War withouht the votes of Hilary and the other Dems. How many of us will pull the lever for Hilary? Damn, I wish we would stahitched. Now, Clinton says she made a “mistake”, Huh? How many lives and a depleted treasury did this “mistake” cost us? Oh, it’s 11 years ago, so we shouldn’t hold that against her and her and Bill’s power trips? This is B.S. if I have ever seen it!

    1. I must politely disagree. We, the American people, were purposely lied to by our President. If you can’t trust your own elected President, than we are no better than many third world countries.

      (And how come Bush and Cheney aren’t in jail for treason?)

  4. Just another reason, NON, that Hillary is not “fit” to be President….If many of us, just from newspaper and video news reports were able to understand
    that this was a “false” war, a U.S. Senator with all the inside intelligence that
    they have available, ought to have had theto know what was happening….

    Now, we have another President who is going to make a mistake by gback in?…For what reason this time? His prestige? His low poll numbers? What 60% say that we have had enough of Iraq and the M.E.? Yet, he still wants to compromise with the McCains and the Lindsay Grahams? Folly, indeed!

  5. Tell us, Oh, fearless leader, when this “Black” President sends tomahawk
    missles and drones on killing missions against a religious sect, will you and the gang be out on the corner of Secor and Central protesting his “new” war? So much for the Obama Doctrine?

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