Houston Oasis-Church for Humanists

Houston Oasis is a community that meets regularly to create a place for freethinkers to celebrate the human experience. Each week we gather to discuss real-world principles based on reason, not tradition, which are supported by evidence, not scripture or revelation. Founded in September 2012, Houston Oasis is fundamentally different from a church; we could be described as a freethought oasis, where we welcome all people who want to be part of a community exploring life through reason.

We are guided by core values which define our community. They shape our interactions with each other, society, and the world.

At Houston Oasis we think:

People are more important than beliefs.
Only human hands can solve human problems.
Reality is known through reason, not revelation.
Meaning comes from making a difference.
Labels are unimportant.
Everyone should be accepted wherever they are as long as they are accepting in turn.



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