Joe the Plumber Even Dumber

Apparently he’s not dead.
Joe the Plumber raised his ugly head.

And opened his mouth and said, “Your dead kids don’t trump my constitutional rights.”

The dead kids referred to the dead students in California after another lunatic with a gun killed 6 students.

Yes, that’s what Sam Wurtzelbacker said in a letter to the Toledo Blade. His gun is more important than dead kids.

Keith Burris, Op Ed writer for The Blade, wrote an excellent column about this man. You ought to read it.


9 thoughts on “Joe the Plumber Even Dumber

  1. When I read the comment, I thought the writer was joking. When I realized he had actually written that, I got a little sick inside.

    I also read Burris’s column. I thought Sam (aka Joe) had seen the light and was happily making Jeeps.

      1. Do you think he really believe that or is just looking for attention?

  2. M_R wrote above, “The dead kids referred to the dead students in California after another lunatic with a gun killed 6 students.”

    This gives a false interpretation of what happened. Six students were not killed with a gun. Three (3) were kiilled with a knife, NOT with a guyn.
    So, M_R have you now rid your houise of knives, even though they are legal? Lets confiscate all knives. Maybe you should have to register all your knives. Lets get rid of all those pocket knives people conceal in their purses and pants pockets. Knives are a threat to our humanity. Lets put all the knife manufacturers out of business. Guns killed and a knife killed..Or was it a person that killed? Hmmm, what is the most dangerous? The gun and knife? The human? Did the gun or the knife will the killing? Or did the
    human? What about the car he used to run people over with? The car
    willed that? OMG, “Christine” has come back…..

    1. So if things had worked out differently, how many MORE do you think he could have taken out? Remember he did attempt to break in a sorority house (with a semi-automatic gun). And he still had lots more ammunition left.

      And would he have been brazen enough to stab his roommates without gun backup? We still don’t know if guns played any part of the stabbings.

  3. Hello Muddy,
    I hear that “Joe the Plumber” is a union man now working at Chrysler. First time in his working class life he has had medical, retirement, sick days, paid holidays, and overtime benefits. I guess he’s finding out now that “Union” is spelled with five letters and not four.

    But he is saying that the other workers are picking on him by calling him a “Teabagger.”. Well if the shoe fits….and he’s not helping his cause by the continued statements as such.

    That being said, that is the genius aspect of “Freedom of Speech” that was insisted upon by our Founding Fathers….because it exposes STUPID!!!

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