Poll: Support for gay marriage lags in Southern states


Support for legalization of gay marriage in a number of red-leaning, Southern states lags far behind the national average, according to a new poll.


President Obama’s approval rating in the four lowest states also lagged behind the national average.

Double duh!

Not surprisingly, support for same-sex marriage diminishes as educational levels fall- 71% in post-grads, 52% in high school or less.  Interestingly, while 63% of Democrats support it only 44% of libertarians are in support.  Makes one wonder what libertarian means!

It ought to be no surprise that evangelical Christians support gay marriage least among religions. The Bible, you know- Old Testament. Yet, shockingly, Jews, whose only bible is the O.T., overwhelmingly (83%) support same-sex marriage. What explains that?

ah, the mysteries of life!


4 thoughts on “Poll: Support for gay marriage lags in Southern states

  1. Hello Muddy,
    I was thinking this morning about the “hour long / one on one” conversation I had with Jack Kemp in 2005.

    I was at a Bull Roast reelection fund raiser for then Congressman Wayne Gilchrest.


    I, and a couple of other good friends, quickly & handedly derailed the Conservative Republican primary challenger’s bid for moderate Republican Congressman Gilchrest’s seat that election year. For this, we were invited to this fund raiser and were at a seat of honor with Ex. Vice President Candidate Jack Kemp.

    Long story short, I voiced my concerns and warnings back then to Jack Kemp of embracing the Reactionary Right segment and giving them the validafying voice of being welcomed within the Party. It was not what Jack wanted to hear, but I went on to tell him that the Republican Party had lost its way from what it once was.

    The Republican Party once touted the “Golden Age of Freethought”.

    This describes the socio-political movement promoting freethought that developed in the mid 19th-century United States.

    “Freethought” is a philosophical position that holds that ideas and opinions should be based on science and reason, and not restricted by authority, tradition, or religion.

    Instead voices representing the Republican Party, such as Rush Limbaugh and the clones, passing on the anti- intellectual, non-critical thinking, and “everyone must think alike” mandate. (If everybody is thinking alike….then somebody is not thinking. George S. Patton)

    My prediction warning back then to Jack Kemp was that the Party will come to regret welcoming in the extreme segments that were the old Klansmen, John Birch Society, Extreme Religious Fanatics…in essence, what is known today as the “Tea Party”.

    Jack’s mentality was that this segment was good to easily motivate and get active at election time. They were calling it, ” Whipping Up The Nut Jobs” among the Party Leaders.

    Now latest news:
    This current primary year, Karl Rove has spent 100’s of millions purging out the Tea Party members and challengers trying to bring back some semblance of mainstream conservatives being elected to Congress and Senate.

    So in conclusion I could say, ” Told You So”.

    1. Excellent points, Engineer. Thanks for shining the light on the downward spiral that your party has taken. The ‘big tent’ idea of a political party only succeeds if the core remains strong and in control. ‘Stuffing’ it to win elections is, as the GOP has seen, dangerous especially when the kooks are given equal time to express their idiocy and centrists remain silent.

  2. The Free Thought movement of the 19th century was mainly an anti-
    religious episode. It said that religious thought and dogma should be
    rejected as religion enforced authoritiarianism and anti-intellectualism
    which preserved the old order. It was a challenge to orthodoxy, as it called
    for rational inquiry into issues. As you point out, Engineer, it did generate
    discussion in the Republicvan Party. Interesting comments, Engineer, and glad to see that you are still with us, lol…

    Today, I embark on a road trip to Atlanta following Sherman’s march to the sea, going thru Birmingham and then into Atlanta. As M_R likes to point out, the Bible Belt. I am safe though as I will be riding in a car with
    Mississippi plates, and not Ohio, and with a gun -toting cowboy friend
    from Montana whom we met in my previous existence as a college
    professor in the Great Northern Plains. Interesting, he has moved from
    a family of strong Democratic Party activists to now as a very conservative
    Republican, if not a Tea Partier. He was a free thinker, but now he is a
    retired State legislator who embraces the social and religious agenda of
    the GOP. His wife was kidding me the other day saying if I don’t come back
    with me, she will know that he left me on the side of the road, lol….Egads!
    Did I say safe above……

  3. UtF, does your Montana friend have a brain tumor, god forbid? The poor fellow surely must suffer early onset dementia at minimum.

    BTW, Sherman (Ohio native) moved N to S as any geography major would point out.

    Ferret out how Mr. Montana radically altered his political thinking. I’m betting that god played a significant role.

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