The Senator is a Crook

Crook not as in stealing money, but rather as in stealing his integrity! He proved himself to be nothing more than a con-man, lying to get elected. Sadly, tens of thousands of those in his state don’t realize that he is lying.

So which senator? I’m betting quite a few come to mind. Hint: here’s a headline from many newspapers today, “West Antarctic Ice Sheet Loss Unstoppable.”

Which senator represents a state whose southern end will be under water when this ice sheet totally melts! A city of several million completely swamped? And he denies global warming. Said so yesterday. Lied to the 20 million people in his state. Lied to get elected and through his lie, endangers the lives and livelihood of one tenth of the state.

Marco Rubio.


THAT crook!



10 thoughts on “The Senator is a Crook

  1. When I hear some dope proclaiming that there is no global warming I simply use Socratic Irony and ask him, “Well let me see your research papers you are basing your findings on, and what scientific periodicals you have presented them to, so they may be reviewed by you the scientific community piers and their comments on your research. Of course I get the “Deer in the Headlights” look. So I then fire back at them, “Surely you are not basing the No Global Warming statement on a mere Proclamation? Because that’s not how this all works. There is no come back to this stated observation.

      1. Hey, I saw that story Fox News ran about the Antarctica ice shield. Fox aired satellite images taken in 2012 and 2013. The images clearly show the ice shield is almost twice as big in 2013, so that clearly shows that the ice is actually increasing. See, Climate Change is a myth! 3% of climate scientists say so,

        (For some reason the Fox news editors didn’t mention that in 2012 the ice shield was the smallest ever recorded. For over a decade now the ice shield has been decreasing until it was only 10% of it’s usual mass in 2012. In 2013 it still remained only a fraction of it’s usual size. And those 3% of climate scientists who deny change all work for the energy industry.)

      2. And one more thing. I’ve heard a lot of “Christians” say God will take care of the Climate Change. I swear, I’ll smack the next person I hear use that excuse. Ya, God has been so reliable about fixing man-made disasters in the past.

  2. Getting back to the politician. Yes, they are crooks. Yes, they are stealing.
    Did you catch Sunday’s 60 MINUTES. Had a segment on Reps and Sens
    use of campaign money for personal use…While Congress has rules against
    it, Congress wrote in loop-holes that we citizens don’t see. Apparently, one is
    the practice of which called a “leadership” committee. I think that was the name. I believe it said all members have this committee, as it allows them to funnel money from political contributions to their own uysee. I believe it noted that Ron Paul, the father, had 5 members of his family receiving direct payments from his leadership committee.

    Second point is that yesterday Ohio GOP Senator Portman was on “MORNING JOE” and proudly announced he is completely opposed
    to raising the minimum wage to $10.10. He says the best way is to end
    regulations and reduce business taxes. Not a “dimes worth of difference”
    between this Ohio GOP Senator and Thad Cochran of MS….Yep, discrimination only exists in the Bible Belt!

  3. Really now? With the solid red State of Ohio with God’s Only Party controlling the legiislature and the Executives offices, I have to think
    that there is a lot of “god nonsense” around Ohio…I notice that you continue
    to capitalize the word “god”, your prejudice toward religion seems to be

    1. When referring to a god, you use a lower case letter. When referring to THE God (the one common in the U.S.), you capitalize the first letter because it is a specific god you are referring to.

      EXAMPLE: I live in the Midwest. I live in the midwest area of the United States.

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