Tea Party Rejected in Elections

The tea has bittered and grown cold. Not a single ‘Tea Party’ candidate in my neck of the woods survived our Tuesday primary. Apparently, those still connected to the GOP have had enough with those whacky numbskulls.

Incumbent GOP state representative Barbara Sears voted for the Medicare extension for Ohio and was quickly denounced for that ‘outrageous act’ by those sipping tea. She won 2:1 yesterday. Outrageous indeed.

Boehner defeated hid Tea Party challenger and, in NC, the establishment GOP candidate defeated the Tea Party challenger.

My question is, where did they win?


10 thoughts on “Tea Party Rejected in Elections

  1. They got smashed EXCEPT for one Teabagger in Lucas County (Bill Delaney) and one in Fulton County (James Horton). The one in Fulton County is way further to the right, but hey, it’s Fulton County. Both races were for the Ohio Republican Central Committee, but that group holds a lot of sway in Ohio politics.

    The very good news is that these are the only two out of many races in these two counties where confused voters made a bad choice. But you can’t really blame the voters because who really knows what the Central Committee does, let alone what is the difference between candidates.

    1. Why are residents of Fulton County so fearful of life, NON? I mean, why do guns and Tea Party candidates appeal to them? Must be a whole other world out ‘there!’

      1. I really hate to say it, but ignorance is the first thing that comes to mind. And from ignorance comes fear of the unknown. And fear of the unknown brings belief in……….oh hell, I don’t even know what to call it!

  2. Ummm, I thought politics wasn’t to be a topic? Silly me, lol!

    Well, in the event that politics is not passe here, let me say that these GOP primmary winners are not moderates. They are still to the far right of the former establishment moderates….

    1. Right, way-to-the-Right. The word ‘moderate’ no longer exists in the GOP.

      By the way, turn-out was pitiful! In one Toledo precinct not a single voter asked for a Republican ballot ( out of 775 registered ). In another, 1 voter, and 3 in another. GOP Apathy?

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