Alabama Supreme Court: Pathetic Ignorance

“Buddha didn’t create us, Muhammad didn’t create us, it was the God of the Holy Scriptures … They didn’t bring the Quran over on the pilgrim ship, Mayflower. Let’s get real, let’s go back and learn our history. Let’s stop playing games.”

– Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, speaking at a Pastor for Life luncheon in January, in a speech uncovered by on May 2.

But wait! there is even more idiocy in the full story:


3 thoughts on “Alabama Supreme Court: Pathetic Ignorance

  1. I read what he said and don’t really understand. My understanding of the early settlers was that they came here to avoid strong control religion had over people’s lives in Europe. Sure the early settlers had religion, but it was their choice of what religion and how much religion.

    It’s bad enough when people bend history, but this guy is a State Supreme Court Judge. He has to know better. And doesn’t the commandment “bearing false witness” refer to telling fibs?

    1. Government by religion was only evident in some of the colonies in the very early settlements. Diversity and local government, common here, were two things not found in the structured society of Europe. But even Europe evolved (i.e. France).

      Did you know that the phrase “under one God” was added to the Pledge post W.W.II in 1954 (Damn them atheist communists). And there was only an unofficial national motto, “e pluribus Unum” (our of many, one), from 1776 until 1956. Once again the Cold War comes into play and “In God We Trust” was officially made the motto of the United States.

      How many times have you heard a wingnut use the fact “it’s U.S. Government Official” to validate some lame position?

      I use a little test to see if something sounds right. Whenever I hear an argument against anything gay, I substitute the word black for gay. Whenever I hear a statement of Christian superiority, I substitute Islam for Christian. You’d be surprised how that changes the way a phrase sounds.

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