Traces of recent water on Mars: Liquid water on Mars as recently as 200,000 years ago

New research has shown that there was liquid water on Mars as recently as 200,000 years ago. The southern hemisphere of Mars is home to a crater that contains very well-preserved gullies and debris flow deposits. The geomorphological attributes of these landforms provide evidence that they were formed by the action of liquid water in geologically recent time.


15 thoughts on “Traces of recent water on Mars: Liquid water on Mars as recently as 200,000 years ago

  1. The point I like to raise in these stories of extraterrestrial discoveries is whether they correspond to the Bible. Does the Bible have any ‘room’ for life elsewhere in the universe? Or do biblical apologists argue that God created life everywhere on that n-th day? Curious stuff, but not altogether serious.

  2. Is it just me or does society seem to be getting dumber?
    1. Separation of church and state is being debated
    2. Many, many people don’t believe in evolution
    3. Evangelicals now like Jews and Catholics
    4. The government is out to get us
    5. News people on television actually lie
    6. Public education is a bad thing
    7. I recently saw an article about how the Earth is the center of the Universe
    8. The only book required in schools should be the Bible

    1. Dumber or more easily victimized by right-wing idiocy?

      Is there a connection between your list and the rise of drug abuse in America?

      1. I have an egg and chicken question. Do you think people dumbed down and organizations like Fox News just feed the need? Or did organizations like Fox News create the dumbed down Americans?

        1. There has been a general ‘dumb-down’ in the past 2 decades and right-wing media found an easy niche to exploit the ignorance factor.

  3. Lets worry about our water here in the United States and the world that is decreasing because of humans…You visited Arizona, Ibelieve in the Phoenix area. If a city should not exist it is Phoenix and Las Vegas who both have no water, and use the water from the Colorado River creating significant envioronmental damage.

    1. Sure, but don’t tell that to an Arizonan! They are currently draining the geological aquifers beneath the desert that lay ther for thousands of years. Screw the environment; screw the future. Narcissism is rampant.

      1. It just burns my ass that some clowns in Washington who don’t have a clue how aquifers work make decisions that will destroy them forever.

      2. My point is who does the natural resource, water in this case, belong to?
        the State or City? Or the people of the United States? I have always believed that natural resources belong to the citizens of the country, and not a narrow sub-division of a state, county, or city. This even applies to the grass that cattlemen use to feed their cattle on public land.

        1. Rights to earth resources? Founding Fathers didn’t address this and, as a result, greed decided. Ranchers in Nevada?? Fox hero?? Sweet it is!

              1. My understanding is that you own the space above your property, but only so far up. That way planes (or spy drones) legally can fly over your property. You also only own your property so far below the surface. That’s been a problem where the neighbors allow fracking and they can frack under your land as long as they enter the earth on the neighbors’ property.

                1. And from that point, who owns those rights? The Federal Government. The Federal Government then can lease that air space to radio and TV stations for a fee…the same is with resources, and the same is with land ranchers graze their cattle on for a fee.

                  M_R, guess you beieve that the rancher in Nevada can use yourfederal land as he sees fit… Your statement that it is way too broad is exactly the phrase the private exploiters use to renounde government stewardship of the land…How do you think the Federal Government can come in and close a mine considered unsafe. The mine owner is in violation of his contrct; the same as with the rancher in Nevada

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