Obama Bows to Japanese Robot!

President Obama bowed to a Japanese robot while touring the robot facility! What kind of American president does that?!?!

(I thought I’d feed the right-wing crazies who absorb any and all anti-Obama distortions.)



8 thoughts on “Obama Bows to Japanese Robot!

  1. I thought you were making a big deal over nothing until I actually saw a couple of stories about this on some fringe websites.

  2. His presidency has been pathetic and it was idiocy to put down a “red-line”
    in Syria, and then do nothing as the killing escalates……Yes, my friend, the buck stops in the White House, be it Republican or Democratic…..

  3. I have done that many times before. From 2009 to 2011, 2 years, he had a Democratically controlled Senate(60 votes) and a large House majority….

    He sold out the Labor Movement, lost the environment cap and trade,
    provided a much too week stimulus bill, and gave us Obamacare instead of national health insurance of single payer, lost the dream act, continued the war at $2billion a weekdeported many immigrants more so than George Bush…That is pathetic, my friend…

  4. And, is there anything more pathetic than the abysimal failure of the computer system for launching the Affordable Care Act? Is there anything more pathetic in his ability to make a decision on the Keystone Pipe Line…
    Politics at its worst!

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