More Odd Religious Stuff

Today I was reminded of the devastating effects of religion on the human mind. First the world of politics. There was a ‘debate’ among Republican senate candidates in North Carolina. Each was asked whether they believed in climate change. Not surprisingly, each said ‘No.’ But one added, ‘only God controls the climate.’

Sigh. Mixing religious beliefs with non-scientific thinking may be a sure winner among those who show up in GOP primaries, but we all can dread the possibility that he will sit in the Senate, determining action on complex issues. Will God help him decide?

Then there was a phone call from a friend who lives in the middle of nowhere- a rural county here in northern Ohio. We are the same age with a similar religious history. However, our religious development diverged greatly. During the conversation she made an astonishing statement. “The problem (we earlier discussed) is retribution by God for all of that nudity in California!”

Yes, that is what she believed. Incredible. What does a problem in a family in Ohio have to do with nudity 2000 miles away? Why does God punish us for behavior of others? Where did such a belief come from? Beats me!

What accounts for these odd religious beliefs? And what does it say about hope for the future of our nation? I shudder to imagine it.


4 thoughts on “More Odd Religious Stuff

  1. I confess. I was a frequent visitor to Land’s End, Devil’s Slide and Montgomery nude beaches in California a few decades ago.

  2. This week I had to visit the Jackson Police Department to pay a parking
    ticket. As I was waiting my turn, I noticed that the clerk had a biblical
    quote on her window from Isiah on the belief in God. When it was my turn, yes I did lol, I asked her why did she think it is necessary to have this in her window facing the payees. She said because she wants to share her relilgious belief in God. I then asked her if she understands the Constitution of the U. S. This black clerk answered that she doesn’t care what the Constitution says…I then asked her if that is ithe case then would she have a job as a clerk here if MLK and Medger had believed the same way about the Constitution.
    She responded that i should take my receipt or she would call security. I said that I would call the local ACLU and ask them to look into her posting on the city wall a religious discriminatory statement.

    Moreover, Jackson just elected a Black Baptist Pastor as mayor….It will be interesting to see if he is able to separate religion from civil government….

    1. Sounds like your M.O. Trouble is, my friend, when one lives knee-deep in a biblical swamp, one is bound to get wet.

      Black mayor? Interesting. Was he able to get the black voters to turn out? Better yet, will he muster that same energy in November for Democrats?

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