Laboratory-grown vaginas implanted in patients

Scientists reported the first human recipients of laboratory-grown vaginal organs. They have described long-term success in four teenage girls who received vaginal organs that were engineered with their own cells.

This pilot study is the first to demonstrate that vaginal organs can be constructed in the lab and used successfully in humans,” said Anthony Atala, M.D., director of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center’s Institute for Regenerative Medicine. “This may represent a new option for patients who require vaginal reconstructive surgeries. In addition, this study is one more example of how regenerative medicine strategies can be applied to a variety of tissues and organs.”



4 thoughts on “Laboratory-grown vaginas implanted in patients

  1. Playing God or playing good? I can easily imagine some years in the future when ‘spare’ organs will be routinely be produced for damaged or cancerous organs. Longevity extended 2X?

  2. So you aren’t happy for the girls born without a vagina that they can be fully a woman? Does everything have to be valued in money?

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