Two Millennial- Long Gene Deviation

I read an interesting statement in a book by John T. Theodore titled, Who was Jesus? A Historical Analysis of the Misinterpretations of His Life and Teachings. No, this is not a religious post. Let me go further. Last evening my wife and I were eating at Panera’s when a couple from the 2012 Obama campaign joined us. Soon talk centered on that curious group of people designated as Obama-haters. Each of us had personal witness and, in the end, we all just shook our heads in disbelief.

This morning I came across the following quote in the Jesus book cited above and I could not help link it to the Panera discussion. The author was speaking of the stark variations in the Gospel stories concerning the Resurrection.

“This does not necessarily mean that the evangelists tried to deceive their readers. To them each added detail became a conviction, however ill-founded, unverified and unverifiable, until a string of legends was accepted as historical facts.”

Apparently this 2000-year-old practice of converting unverifiable whisperings into accepted, historical ‘facts’ continues into the 21st century. Polling data continues to show an amazingly high number of people who are ‘convinced’ that President Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya and therefore an illegitimate president. Just try to argue with them. They are as convinced of this as the early Christians were of Jesus’s rise from the tomb.

No amount of empirical data can alter the mind of so-called true believers, then or now. Apparently the defective gene remains virulent within the human gene pool.


5 thoughts on “Two Millennial- Long Gene Deviation

  1. My mother went to private (Roman Catholic) schools. She married well and all her children went to college (four of them private colleges). My dad’s I.Q. was near genius.

    1. She absolutely believes “,,,President Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya and therefore an illegitimate president. ”
    2. She thinks people of color are stupid by birth.
    3. She totally supports the very politicians (i.e. Latta, Ryan, etc.) who would reduce or eliminate the very federal programs she survives on (i.e. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.).

    And where does she come up with this crap? She’s an avid viewer of Fox News. I’ve heard ignorance is hereditary, but I think some of my siblings got an extra dose of her DNA and I missed out because I got more of my dad’s DNA.

    It you say it enough, some people will think it’s fact. And I’m related to a bunch of them.

    1. NON- you have my sympathy. No doubt family gatherings must be awful! I only have one brother-I-law who loans his brain to Fox and Limbaugh. It truly is amazing, though. It has to be a deviant gene. Nothing else makes sense.

  2. I’m sorry Muddy for being off topic, but this is “Stupid on Steroids”! I have to pass this on.

    Oklahoma City, Ok — Oklahoma state legislature narrowly passed a law on March 31, 2014, redefining pi, a mathematical constant currently being used in the secular industry. The bill to change the value of pi to exactly “three” (3) was introduced without fanfare by Daryl H Dolus (R, Slick), and rapidly gained support after a letter-writing campaign by members of the Christians for Biblical Science, a traditional Christian values group. Governor Mary Fallin was quoted as saying that she will sign it into law on Wednesday.

    Pi is a name given to the mathematical ratio of the “Circumference of a Circle” to the “Diameter”.

    That means, for any circle, you can divide the circumference (the distance around the circle) by the diameter and always get exactly the same number. Also if you take the diameter X Pi is how you calculate the circumference.

    So how can any educated person think this can be reduced to just the number “3”? Much less make that a law?

    1. Changing pi! Two days ago my 14-year-old grandson and I were in a discussion and I asked him [stated poorly,] “What is pi?” He rattled it off to 7 decimal places. “No,” I corrected, “what does that value mean?” “Circumference to diameter ratio,” he proudly replied.

      At least in Ohio, we are teaching our students well.

      A week ago he and I were discussing places I’ve been. I proudly said that I’ve never been in either South Carolina or Oklahoma. Then I added, “Never intend to set foot in either place.” He asked why? I told him because people in both of those states are ignorant bigots.

      You’ve helped me prove the first 50%, Engineer.

    2. It was actually Indiana in 1897. After passing in the Indiana House, the bill disappeared in the Indiana Senate. Between the bad math and flawed logic, they came up with three different values of pi: 3, 3.2, 4

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