Enhanced Interrogation; Forced to Watch Fox

I needed to see my dentist yesterday for a bum tooth and, as this was an emergency, they fit me in. You know what that meant- lots of waiting. Sadly there was a TV in the waiting room and, worse, it was set to Fox.

Ugh. Two elderly patients were eyeing it so I dared not push the off button. Thus, I was wrongfully imprisoned, tortured by the talking heads of FoxNews. Or, Fox Opinion.

Did you know that the 7.1 million people “claimed” to have been enrolled in the ACA are not really enrolled until they fork over their first payment? Yep! Heard it on Fox.

Did you know that the report on the Benghazi talking points given by the CIA agent who wrote that report is in question? Michele Bachman disputed it. Yep. Saw the clip on Fox.

As I was just getting a comment from Bill O’Reilly, my name was called. Darn it! Gosh, I bet he had more ‘information’ on Benghazi that I’ll never know.


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